The hotels and hostel are settled in the settlement St. Stefan, 4km from the center of Ohrid, in the center of Ohrid and in Struga city, 15km from Ohrid. All settlement are touristic places with many attractive beaches and facilities. All hotels are next or close to the beach.



1. “Beton”

The rooms in the hotel are with 2, 3 and 4 beds. The hotel is renovated, with modern bathrooms and TV in most of the rooms and is great positioned, only 50m from the beach and with many coffee bars nearby. Hotel “Beton” is 300m apart from the hostel “Slavejce”, so groups that will stay in the hotel have possibility for company in the free time with the groups that will stay in hostels, disco parties inside the hostels etc.

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2. “Pela”

This modernly equipped hotel will allow you to feel pleased and satisfied combining its comfort and the natural surrounding. The hotel is at disposal of 120 beds in 41 rooms and 3 apartments. All rooms are equipped with direct phone line, TV, mini bar, bathroom, air condition and balcony. It is close to hotel “Beton” and hostel “Slavejce” in the same settlement St. Stefan, and 130m from the beach.

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3. “Galeb”

The rooms in the hotel are with 2, 3 and 4 beds. Hotel is located in Struga city (15km from Ohrid) and is 50m from the beach.

   98 big   galeb - mala

4. “Montenegrin Inn”

The Hotel Montenegrin Inn is situated in the center of Ohrid, on the main boulevard Turisticka. Montenegrin Inn offers 21 rooms: double rooms, triple rooms and four bed auxiliary studios. The rooms have TV, air conditioning, WiFi internet, bathroom. Pebbly beach is located 500 meters from the Montenegrin Inn, while a sandy beach can be reached in 1 km.

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5. “Slavejce”

Hostel “Slavejce” is children and youth's hostel. The rooms in the hostel are with 8 beds and have common toilets and showers (fully renovated). There are several rooms for adults with own toilets. The hostel is very convenient place for children with own yard and beach, no traffic at all, and all groups staying in the hostel have possibility for company in the free time, disco parties inside the hostel, going to the own beach etc.

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